Tips for looking for a baby bassinet

Looking for an outdoor baby bassinet?

A bassinet is often designed for infants who are four months old and below to sleep on. It looks like a basket and usually stands freely on its legs. You can always place it near your bed hence giving you easy access to your baby at night. Since it has a similar height with that of your bed, then it becomes easy for you to keep check of your baby. In a case where you lightly sleep at night having a bassinet may not be of great use but rather a crib may be a good option to have.

 Circumstances under which you can use a bassinet

If you cannot afford a crib at the moment then buying a bassinet will be the best option as it is cheaper and safe for your new born.

-As a mum, if having your baby far from you makes you feel uncomfortable then a bassinet comes in handy as you can always place it near you.

-It is always safer for your baby to sleep in if you intent to leave him in someone’s house.

-Having stitches from a c-section often makes it hard for you to lift the baby from the crib hence a bassinet comes in handy since you don’t have to strain.

-If you intent to go for a vacation with a baby not old enough to sleep in the bed or you want your baby close to you when doing other chores around the house then it is the best choice to have.

The most suitable moment to use an outdoor baby bassinet is from birth till when your baby outgrows it mostly at four or five months old .If your child starts to move, roll over or push his hands then it is high time you consider having a new bed for him since it is will pose great danger to your baby.

Features to look for in a bassinet

Meshed walls-bassinets often have a smaller space making it hard for your baby to move around. If it is not meshed then it will be hard for your baby to breath when he rolls to the sides. A meshed bassinet is the best choice during the summer as it ensures air flows through it well.

A thin and hard mattress-having a soft mattress is not good as your baby may suffocate but a hard and thin mattress reduces the risk of SIDS.

Portability-bassinets can always be carried around but some can be moved around easily than others. Buying one with wheels makes it easier to move around the house and the wheels should have a lock to prevent it from rolling away.

Weight limit-most bassinets do come with weight restrictions. You should make sure that the one you intent to buy can support your baby’s weight.

Materials used to make the mattress-always make sure that the materials are non-toxic since some may be made from harmful materials which will not good for your baby’s health.


Availability of extra features-some bassinets can vibrate or play music which may be soothing for your baby when upset or help him fall asleep more easily.

A rocking bassinet-this comes in handy if your baby is colicky as this will help in soothing and giving him peace. Make sure they always have a lock to prevent it from rolling whenever it rocks.

Wide and strong base-this is to make sure that it is able to support your baby’s weight and does not collapse by being strong therefore guaranteeing your baby’s safety.

Safety tips

-Avoid using extra padding when placing your baby to sleep as it may make him feel uncomfortable.

-Always put your baby to sleep on his back.

-Keep away soft beddings as your baby may be trapped in them or even suffocate.

-Make sure to lock the bassinet always when your baby is sleeping in it to prevent it from rolling.