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Office Location: ZSTC Building at Kinazini  Zanzibar and Machomane in Pemba

Date of Creation: 2010, Under Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Head: Director for Food Security and Nutrition as an overall in charge for Zanzibar and is in charged under Food Security and Nutrition

Overall Function of the Department:

  1. Coordinate towards implementation of food security and nutrition interventions and policies through various bodies or organization;
  2. Compile and review food security and nutrition work plans and subsequent budget proposals and provide technical recommendations to the Steering Committee to ensure that food security and nutrition issues as highlighted in the policies are mainstreamed into all Ministries’ budget plans;
  3. Collaborate with other stakeholders in the management of the Zanzibar Food Reserve;
  4. Initiate, undertake and participate in the collection, preparation, production and dissemination of data and information on food security and nutrition;
  5. Liaise with district level technical teams in coordinating and monitoring district level implementation of the Policy and Programme;
  6. Facilitate capacity building activities at various levels of implementation to promote understanding and adherence to right to food principles;
  7. Serve as a secretariat to the council and;
  8. Perform any other duties as the steering committee or the Minister may direct