Certificate Crop

We introduced this course so as to have graduates who are going to work in gardens and also with animals so as to help farmers in their agricultural activities. Our graduates also work as extension officers to be sent to farmers so as to guide them on the best agricultural practices they can do.

The course takes upto 32 weeks of training where the student will have covered all the units within the course. Other than theory work, the student will also have to do a practical part as well as go for internship in one of the institutions within the country.

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum involves the following:

Fundamental Modules

Theory part-To be done in class.

Practical Parts- Done in labs as well as on farms. This gives you hands-on skills.

Internship- The attachment helps you meet people and work with them.


ICT Skills– you willl agree with me that we are first changing and adopting computers in all sections of our learning. And that is why, our computing course helps you be employable anywhere.