Is the Use of Family Cloths for Poop Hygienic

For sometimes now, I have been researching on the best ways to wipe your butt after visiting the toilet. I have seen people who use wet wipes, bidets and others use family cloths. And one thing that I have come to conclude is that use of toilet paper is never the best thing that you could be doing. Toilet paper for one could lead to you getting urinary tract infections (UTI) if you do not clean your butt well and the fecal material gets into contact with your urethra. Women are the worst hit when it comes to contacting UTIs especially if they use low quality tissue paper or wipe from back to front as opposed to the recommended front to back wiping design for women.

Wet wipes?

The use of wet wipes has also been decried to cause blockages in the sewerage system unless one is to use truly flushable wipes. And with today’s world of bad immitations and counterfeits, you are never assured of the right thing. So you might buy some adult wet wipes labeled as flushable but it ends up clogging your septic system. So there is always the need to cross-check such statements by reading reviews especially from ecommerce stores where you are assured of getting nothing but honest reviews from real customers who have bought the product and want to advise other would be customers to buy the product or to desist buying.

Use of Bidets?

Muslims have been using bidets and they always praise them for their efficacy as well as how good they do the job. And honestly speaking, they do a great job. Everytime I use a bidet, I feel refreshed and well sanitized. Bidets will leave no fecal material behind and are therefore your best bet when you want to wipe yourself clean. They are also eco-friendly since no trees will be cut down to make them. Less water is also used and no chlorine needs to be used up.

Family cloths?

And then comes the family cloths. Family cloths are the normal type of clothing material but now used to wipe your butt. All one needs to do is wet them with some warm water and then go ahead to wipe their butts.

This way, you will not be wasting any money and it is therefore the most cost-friendly way to wipe your butt. The downside though is that it could cause the spread of germs. The proponents of family cloths say that you need to make sure that you are using hot water with some anti-microbial agents so as to kill any germs that might be on the family cloths before they can be used again.